AICPA Buys High School Accounting Curriculum Training Program, Seeks to Train Teachers

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jul 12, 2017

Seeking to enhance the quality of accounting education at the high school level, and to encourage more young people to pursue accounting careers, the AICPA announced that it has acquired the Accounting Pilot and Bridge Projtect, which trains high school educators to teach a higher level accounting curriculum. The AICPA is bringing the program in-house after previously just being a sponsor who worked with state CPA societies to expand its reach. Under its stewardship, the program will be expanded this year to 14 trainings, with 20 state societies, reaching over 350 high schools teachers. 

“By bringing the Accounting Pilot and Bridge Project in-house at the AICPA, we now have a formalized path to recruit highly motivated, talented high school students into the accounting profession on a national level,” said AICPA CEO and president Barry Melancon. 

The program is meant to allow educated to teach courses at a higher level that would ordinarily be offered through a high school curriculum. After going through the program, high school teachers should be able to teach a course comparable to what a college student might learn in an entry-level accounting course. They will also receive support from the AICPA that includes: 

  • * Support from APBP trainers
  • * Access to online teaching resources
  • * Daily lesson plans and assignments
  • * Pre-written exams with answer keys
  • * A textbook, including teacher’s notes and Power Point presentations
  • * Scholarships specifically for high school students who took their accounting course from an APBP trained teacher

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