Accountants and Auditors Named No. 19 in Most Promising Jobs of Next Decade

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 5, 2019

An analysis by the Wall Street Journal of over 800 different jobs projects that accountants and auditors will be the 19th most promising profession in the next decade. Jobs were ranked based on the average of annual occupational openings, projected until 2028, and median salaries for 2018. 

For accountants and auditors, the median 2018 salary was $70,500 and the projected annual openings until 2028 are 146,000, making it number 19 on the list. Total employment in this field is projected to grow from 1,424,000 in 2018 to 1,514,700 in 2028, an increase of 6.4 percent. This echoes the findings of the Robert Half 2020 Salary Guide, which found that demand is high and supply is low for qualified professionals in both corporate and public accounting. 

The top spot in the Journal's analysis was "general and operational managers," followed by "finance managers," "managers, all other," "software developers, applications" and "lawyers." 

The five absolute least promising jobs over the next decade were "shoe machine operators and tenders," followed by "manufactured building and mobile home installers," "fabric menders, except garment," "motion picture projectionists," and finally, at the very bottom spot, at 809, "models," whose median salary was $23,770 and for whom there will be just 600 projected annual openings through 2028. 

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