A winning team

Scott M. Adair, CPA, NYSSCPA President
Published Date:
Aug 27, 2014
Phil Jackson, one of the greatest coaches in the history of professional basketball (and, if you don’t follow sports, the current president of the New York Knicks) has a saying about teamwork that has stuck with me: “The strength of the team is each individual member; the strength of each member is the team.” He may have been referring to players on a court, but it applies to the NYSSCPA as well. Our organization thrives because of individual members like you—members who, at the chapter and committee level, make it possible for us to advocate for the profession and influence accounting, tax and finance policy. Conversely, Society members benefit from our organization, which amplifies the voice of a single CPA and makes it 28,000 times stronger on all of the issues facing the profession. We are each other’s best bets.

In prioritizing teamwork, Jackson understands this fundamental truth about winning: no organization becomes successful because of a star player or two. Each member of a team is important, and each member will, in some way, be required to pitch in. The NYSSCPA is no different. Without the more than 25,000 members who do not have leadership roles within the state society, but who contribute to its mission every day, the Society is not as powerful and definitely not as successful. While it’s important to keep that in mind year round, the sentiment carries particular weight now. Not only have we begun a new fiscal year, which gives our chapters and committees a chance to embrace new leadership, new members and new goals—next month, our Nominations Committee will invite any member who is interested in serving on the Society’s Board of Directors to file a submission expressing his or her interest, or nominate a colleague who is interested in serving. Members of the Board of Directors help to shape the direction the Society takes—they form its playbook, in a sense. Because of this, we always aim for our board to reflect a diverse array of perspectives and experiences. But that’s only possible if a sizable number of you decide to apply for positions.

Below, you’ll find details for our next Board meeting, which is open to all members. I encourage you to attend, if possible, and get a better sense of some of the issues the organization is dealing with. The meeting will take place during the NYSSCPA’s third annual Governance Forum in Albany, which brings together our Board of Directors, Foundation for Accounting Education trustees, chapter president-elects, Political Action Committee trustees and members of the NYSSCPA’s Young Leadership Circle. As one of the Society’s most important events of the year, the forum is vital for the entire membership. It’s where the organization’s leaders develop strategies and plans, and also where we finalize our legislative agenda. (The state’s last legislative session was a busy one for the NYSSCPA, as lawmakers moved forward on several bills affecting the CPA profession in New York.) You’ll hear more about the forum in coming weeks, as Society leaders share information and resources with members back home.

In the meantime, I ask that you share your ideas and feedback with me and other Society leaders. Whether it’s by email, during our chapter visits or at other Society engagements, we want to—and need to—hear from you. In basketball terms, the ball’s in your hands. Will you take the shot?

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