17 Million Last-Minute Filers Make IRS Deadline Just Under the Wire

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 26, 2017
Deadline alarm clock

Nothing like waiting til the last minute, eh? Accounting Today reports that the IRS got a surge of last minute returns right before the deadline closed out, 17 million, making an explosive last round in a season that began rather sluggish. Taxpayers had perceived that refunds would arrive more slowly this year due to the PATH Act of 2015 adding extra scrutiny of returns for identity theft, which in turn caused them to delay filing, according to Accounting Today. This brings the total number of returns to 137.5 million, resulting in $268.3 billion worth of refunds. 

Of course, not everyone is ready just yet: the IRS has also processed 11.6 million tax extension forms this season from people who need just a little more time. 

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