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November 2015

In this Issue: November 2015

This month's cover story is our annual tax software survey. For 14 years, authors Susan Anders and Carol Fischer have asked NYSSCPA members and tax practitioners about what kinds of tax preparation and tax research software they use and how satisfied they are with it. The comprehensive results, presented here in the Journal, should provide readers with a wealth of information about the experience of their peers and colleagues. Anyone in the market or considering a change in provider should pore over the results before making a decision. Also this month, author David Crawford decries the lack of unity in the accounting profession's leadership ranks, which he believes has led to external forces exercising undue control over the accounting curriculum and future shape of the profession. Many may disagree with his conclusions, but practitioners and educators alike should be aware of the issues and get involved with the collaborative efforts under way. Our celebration of our 85th anniversary also continues this year: One of our feature articles looks back to World War II and the noteworthy contributions made by high-level CPA talent at the predecessors of the firm now known as Deloitte. And in News & Views, we open our archives to reminisce about the technology applied to accounting and tax practices 50, 75, and even more than a century ago. The times may have changed, but CPAs have always seen the challenges that technology presents to traditional methods and sought to leverage the opportunities they can bring to their clients' operations and their own businesses.

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