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September 2015

In this Issue: September 2015

For the featured content in this, our annual financial planning issue, we turn to “The CPA as Financial Planner: Boosting Business, Building Value,” the first annual conference on PFP and a collaborative effort by Sid Kess, Baruch College, and the NYSSCPA's Foundation for Accounting Education. This two-day event on July 15–16 brought together leading experts in the field to discuss a variety of topics of interest to CPAs considering adding PFP services to their practices, as well as advice for those already familiar with the field. A variety of topics were covered during the two days of the conference, and a selection of them are represented in this issue. Introducing the subject is Stuart Kessler, who provides sage advice on why entering the PFP field makes sense for CPAs, based on his long and pioneering career. Deborah Fox reviews how CPAs can leverage technology to optimize the client experience. Lee Slavutin describes how his life insurance checkup can prevent unnecessary costs. William Kriesel discusses the pluses and minuses of the oft-distrusted variable annuities. Robert Barnett examines some strategies used for business succession plans through an estate tax lens. Arlene Dubin and Rebecca Provder broach the touchy subject of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and other marriage-related financial planning issues. And finally, Ronald A. Fatoullah and Elizabeth Forspan answer 10 common questions about Medicaid planning in New York.

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