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Once again this year, our December issue includes selected results from the annual Rosenberg Practice Management Survey. The survey includes an analysis of how New York firms differ from their counterparts across the country. There are several takeaways: revenue growth remains solid, though slowing; merger activity is up significantly; income per equity partner was up modestly overall but negligibly at medium-sized firms; the average age of partners continued a slow decline, with the exception of the largest firms; core audit, review, compilation, and write-up services faced continued pricing pressures; and the percentage of female equity partners still lags behind the percentage of female staff.

This year, in order to better decipher the survey results, we sought the opinions of several regular contributors and keen observers of accounting practice management. The editors asked these professionals what they have seen in their own practice, how their experience aligned with the results of the survey, and what they thought of the most significant trends highlighted in the survey report. Their answers provide color and context, as well as real-world feedback about how the data can inform their own management of an accounting practice.

Other articles this month tackle a variety of topics relevant to managing an accounting practice. Articles in our department section look at how to manage risk, how to improve employee engagement, and how to adapt to a future work-place that is increasingly reliant upon software robots. Diversity and inclusion are addressed in our News & Views section, with an article about a how a Houston-area firm has retained women through flexible policies and proactive professional development. Another article focuses on the specific issues women face when starting their own firm, and Eugenia Aronov recounts her continuing story of starting her own practice. Finally, we have the perspective of outgoing Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, a CPA who brought his professional skills to the area of public service.

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