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2016 Year in Review

For 85 years, The CPA Journal has earned the respect of CPAs and other financial professionals for its in-depth analysis of current issues. We do not do this alone. The editors are grateful to the accounting and financial professionals and the educators who share their expertise with our readers by authoring and reviewing articles for publication in the Journal.


The CPA Journal is a submission-based, double-blind, peer-reviewed monthly publication that features special themes throughout the year, including financial reporting, fraud, financial planning, technology, and a taxation update. The editors attempt to balance practical information and conceptual analysis to provide readers with opportunities to enhance their understanding of key issues. We depend on a large group of individuals from a diverse cross-section of the profession to provide the most relevant content for our readers. We use six criteria to ensure quality control: technical accuracy, readability, practicality, relevance of topic, timeliness, and comprehensiveness.

During the Society's past fiscal year—between June 1, 2015, and May 31, 2016—the Journal received a total of 373 submissions, an increase from 310 the previous year. The full set of data is summarized in the Exhibit. The overall acceptance rate continued the divergence seen last year; the acceptance rate rose only slightly for nonacademic authors but fell significantly (from 50.0% to 39.1%) for submissions from academic authors. As a result, the mix of authors continued to shift from academics to nonacademics (now at a 31/69 ratio). These results are largely attributable to the continuing addition of regular columns contributed primarily by practitioner authors. These columns are also shorter on average than other articles, enabling more articles to be accepted and published over the course of the year.


Annual Submission and Review Data

2016; 2015

 submissions; 373; 310

 without revision; 169; 129

 with revision; 42; 55

 124; 79

 without decision; 11; 10

 revision; 18; 17

 days …

 review; 56.47; 66.3

 acceptance to publication; 56.49; 68.9

 rate …

 revision; 45.3%; 41.6%

 revision; 56.6%; 59.4%

 authors; 39.1%; 50.0%

 authors; 71.1%; 70.7%

 manuscripts from …

 authors; 31.28%; 46.2%
Nonacademic authors; 68.72%; 53.8%


Every year at this time, we take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the Journal—by developing topics, soliciting authors, reviewing submissions, and participating in judging articles for the annual Max Block Distinguished Article Award program. The Editorial Board members, editors, and production staff are named each month on the masthead. The Editorial Board includes individuals who author and review submissions, solicit and develop submissions by others, and advise the editors as we continue to develop the mission and future direction of the magazine. Introduced over this past year, a group of Column Editors includes individuals who author monthly articles within their area of expertise.

In addition to those hard-working and dedicated individuals, the editors would also like to thank the following ad hoc reviewers and Editorial Review Board members who, in addition to the Editorial Board members and Column Editors listed on the masthead on page 4, evaluated manuscripts over the past NYSSCPA fiscal year (June 1, 2015, through May 31, 2016). The editors would like to thank those individuals for their contributions in ensuring that The CPA Journal provides technical content of the highest quality. A full list appears in an accompanying article.

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