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In this Issue: October 2015

The focus of this month's issue is taxation. An ever-changing tax code, as well as complex and sometimes confusing processes and procedures, mean that CPAs are always challenged in trying to stay on top of new developments when serving their clients.

First, authors Frank Agostino, Brian D. Burton, and Caren Zahn provide a comprehensive review of the processes involved in securing relief for taxpayers that cannot pay their liabilities in full. The three major options offered by the IRS—offers in compromise, installment agreements, and currently-notcollectible status—are discussed in detail, and programs at the state level are also mentioned.

Offshore tax evasion has long been a concern for the IRS, and recent initiatives have sought to improve cooperation with foreign governments, mostly notably Switzerland. B. Anthony Billings, William H. Volz, and Antonié W. Y. Walsh summarize the history of compliance efforts in this arena.

Beyond compliance and enforcement, the tax code can be the locus of incentives meant to spur investment and development. Carnet A. Brown and Vincent Cosenza provide an overview of tax credits at the federal and state level that encourage homeowners to implement energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy systems.

A number of other taxation topics are covered in shorter articles throughout the issue, including innocent spouse relief, cost segregation, bond premium amortization, document requests, state taxes, and payment plans.

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