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An Exciting and Ever-Changing Profession

Maria L. Murphy, CPA

It is with great anticipation that I share with you my first message as editor-in-chief of The CPA Journal. I would like to present my background so that you can get to know me and to understand how I plan to apply my career experiences to the editorship of the Journal, as well as to my other role as assistant manager of the NYSSCPA's peer review program. I have been reading The CPA Journal throughout my career, and it is very exciting (and a little surreal) for me to now have this opportunity to be a part of its editorial team.

A Commitment to Quality

I am a CPA, with a BBA/MBA in accounting from Pace University. I have many years of experience in public accounting—in the national office, SEC services, of a Big Four firm, and in audit and quality control roles in both a midsize national firm and a smaller local firm, including professional development and training. I have also worked in private industry—most recently as an assistant controller—and have specialized in the areas of technical accounting, external reporting, accounting policy, internal controls, and controllership.

I believe that my background in both public and private accounting gives me a broad perspective on the many issues facing accountants in firms and companies of all sizes and specialties. I will apply this perspective to The CPA Journal's goal of providing its readers with insight and analysis on developments in all of the areas that it covers.

In the past, as a reader of The CPA Journal, I did not necessarily focus on two important facts about this publication, which I now want to highlight: it has been published for more than 80 years and is the only double-blind peer-reviewed accounting journal devoted to practice issues. Over these years, the Journal has been led by individuals who have maintained a strong commitment to editorial quality and technical expertise. I aspire to continue this tradition and maintain our publication's dedication to its readers.

Building a Professional Resource

I have always found the accounting profession to be exciting and everchanging. There is always an emerging issue to evaluate and debate, a regulatory decision to comply with, a training class to attend, and so many sources of information with which to keep current. Within the pages of The CPA Journal, you will find content that we select specifically to address these areas, to educate, to raise awareness of controversial topics, and to inspire you to think about the practical and business issues that we face every day.

I hope to learn from you, the Journal's readers and my fellow Society members. I encourage your feedback about what I write about in this space, what we publish in the Journal, and what we should be focusing on together as a profession. I intend to continue this publication's aim of providing you with a resource that can help you stay on top of developments in the profession and address the issues that are important to you.

I also ask you to reach out to the younger professionals who are beginning their career journey in public or private practice, to share The CPA Journal with them, and to get their input on what their hopes are for the accounting profession and for their personal and professional development.

The opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect those of the NYSSCPA, its management, or its staff.

Maria L. Murphy, CPA. Editor-in-Chief, Assistant Manager of Peer Review.

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