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NYSSCPA on the Move

Joanne S. Barry, CAE

By the time you read this, the NYSSCPA will be operating out of its new office location—14 Wall Street—in the heart of New York City's Financial District. I've been talking for some time about how the Society's leadership has spent nearly two years putting this plan into action; now, I'm excited to witness the results of that hard work.

In an article published two years ago in the NYSSCPA's newspaper, The Trusted Professional, I talked about the future of this organization, what it should look like, and the programming it should offer. At that time, the Society was experiencing something of an identity crisis, paralyzed by outdated thinking and programming that was successful decades ago, but no longer. I said that in order to become a 21st-century CPA society that future CPAs would want to belong to, we must think about what the NYSSCPA would look like if it were being established from scratch today. That's the only way to get where we want to go and create the responsive, technologically nimble organization we want to be for our current and future members.

Connectivity and Community

This move, which is accompanied by a rebranding project, is a major step in that process. Our new office space features WiFi and high-definition video conferencing capabilities for members taking Foundation for Accounting Education (FAE) courses or attending committee meetings. It will give all of our members, from Montauk to the Adirondacks, the same access and experience as those sitting in one of our New York City conference rooms. Because the new office space was custom-built with a CPA society in mind, the resources our members need most—committee rooms, the FAE Learning Center, and a member business lounge—are just a few footsteps from our front door.

But the changes here at the NYSSCPA are more than just cosmetic. We are currently redesigning our website and are preparing to launch a new online community called Exchange (think of it as our very own LinkedIn platform). Exchange will allow all of our communities—committees, chapters, Young CPAs, and maybe even a few communities that we haven't established yet—to connect, network, and share knowledge with each other. In the Exchange community, members will be able to hold meetings online in real time. As the world becomes more globalized, out-of-state and foreign-cre-dentialed members will also find a home at the NYSSCPA with access to these interactive online resources. And this new space is ready to accommodate them.


The NYSSCPA's core foundation of professionalism and prestige has remained unchanged since 1897, when the Society was founded by the first licensed CPAs in the country—on Wall Street, at the site that is now the New York Stock Exchange, directly across the street from the Society's new offices. This move downtown is also a symbolic one, heralding the “new NYSSCPA” that I've been talking about. Along with moving our offices, we want to reintroduce ourselves as an adaptive, technologically savvy organization—and we are achieving that goal.

On August 1, the Society revealed two new logos—one for the NYSSCPA, the other for the FAE—that reflect the strength, history, and prestige of the Society and the Foundation, while communicating to all of our audiences that they are engaging with a contemporary organization.

I hope you will come visit us in our new location. In fact, all of our members (and a few special guests) are invited to an open house that we will be hosting this fall so that you can see the great work that we are doing on your behalf at the NYSSCPA and the FAE. I hope to see you there!

Joanne S. Barry, CAE. Publisher. The CPA Journal, Executive Director & CEO, NYSSCPA, jbarry@nysscpa.org.

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