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When to Bring Up Pay at Job Interview? As Late as Possible

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 12, 2019

Several experts have recommended that, when sitting for a job interview, candidates wait as long as possible before naming any specific desired salary, according to CNN. One source even went so far as to say that if the application asks about a desired salary to simply write "0." This is because, despite our ability to research, job candidates will always be at an information disadvantage compared to their interviewer, who will generally know how much money has been budgeted for the position. At the same time, the interviewer will know very little about the candidates besides what's on their resumes, and so the interviewer can't be fully aware of all the value they can add to the company. Generally, the time to ask about salary and name a figure, according to CNN, is after the candidates have proven themselves to the company (such as through written tests or sample work). At that point, the company will have a better impression of what the candidate can do and why that person would be a valuable hire. 

However, CNN notes that interviewers will often pressure candidates to name a figure early. To circumvent this question, it is recommended that you say you don't know enough about the job yet, or that you'd prefer to focus first on the value you can provide. If, however, candidates still really want to know how much a job pays, they can ask for a range, though they should be prepared to further negotiate at a later time.