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When It's Time to Move On

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 7, 2017
Money Problem

Younger people are known for changing jobs more often than has traditionally been considered usual. What are some of the signs that a job has gone stale and it's time to move on? Business Insider recently outlined seven signs to look for: 

1. You're not learning and growing anymore; 

2. You're spending long periods of time feeling unappreciated; 

3. You're spending most of your time doing things that don't play to your core strengths; 

4. There's a negative team dynamic, with lack of accountability, hostility, and pettiness; 

5. Your priorities are constantly changing; 

6. When management starts to believe its own BS; and 

7. The organization is in a never-ending state of crisis; 

The article itself goes into far more detail, but if each one of these sounds like something you're facing right now, perhaps it could be time to polish up your resume.