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When is Someone "Toxic" and When Are They Just a Jerk?

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 6, 2017

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when a person, place or even situation is genuinely bad for you and when it's merely the slings and arrows of life that everyone suffers. But learning how to tell the two apart can make a big difference between staying somewhere that's killing you and going somewhere you can truly flourish. An article in CNBC talks about three signs that your boss is more than just a jerk but actually toxic to your well-being. 

First, the situation is so awful it is actually affecting your physical health, particularly when it comes to getting enough rest. If your terrible boss is actually making you toss and turn in your sleep, that's a good indicator something is deeply wrong. Second, its starting to affect your personal life: whether it's because you're always angry or always tired or something else, it's bad when workplace stress starts corroding your relationships with family and friends. Third, it's starting to affect your work, which, in the case of a bad boss, generally means even more unpleasant interactions with them. 

But sometimes it's not just the boss that's the problem but the company as a whole, according to Inc. Toxic work cultures generally tend to have some mixture of four features: an active and relentless gossip mill, pervasive bullying behavior, constant micromanagement, and toleration of narcissistic staff. 

While perseverance and grit are truly admirable traits, if these situations sound familiar to you, it might be best to start updating your resume as you search for greener pastures.