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What to Do When You’re In Charge

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Jul 22, 2016

BabyBossIf you’re the kind of go-getter that every firm is looking for, odds are you’re going to find yourself in a leadership position relatively soon in your career (especially if you’ve earned that sweet, sweet, CPA certification). But if you’ve never held a leadership position before, the prospect of doing so can be intimidating. Here are some tips from Inc on what to do to prepare yourself for being the boss:

Change your thinking. Don’t make the error of thinking that everything that brought you to your leadership position will be enough to keep you there. As a leader, you’re going to need to think more about productivity and process, but while those and your technical skills are important, your competence as a leader is going to be based off of how well you motivate your team to success.

Improve your people skills. If you’re going to be judged based off your team’s success, you’ll need to improve your people skills. Build strong relationships with your team by listening to them and learning from them both as a group and on an individual level.

Make decisions decisively. Be confident in your decisions, and don’t waste time beating around the bush or second-guessing yourself. Ultimately, you’ll learn from your bad decisions and enjoy the good ones – besides, a wrong decision is likely to be better than no decision.