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What to Do After Your Internship Ends

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Aug 29, 2017

As we contemplate the end of the summer, we must as well contemplate the end of summer internships. When these learning opportunities end, should you just pack it up, go "see ya later" and forget all about it? If you want to actually capitalize on the weeks you spent there, the answer is no, according to CNBC. The article says that interns should immediately do three things when their program ends: 

* Make plans to keep in touch, and we're not talking "hey, let's get a coffee sometime..." kind of keeping in touch. You need a solid plan. At minimum, add people to your LinkedIn network. You may also wanna consider checking in every few months too. 

* Show you're still engaged by asking about a project you had worked on and how it all went. You demonstrate you not only care about the process but the outcome. 

* Send a thank-you note. CNBC said that three quarters of hiring managers and HR professionals do not get one from interns, so it will help you stand out. 30 percent said that lack of any followup negatively impacted the next steps for a potential employee.