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What Kind of Expense Report Filer Are You?

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 10, 2019

Pretty much any activity can be an indication of some part of your character, and filing expense reports is no exception. The Wall Street Journal examines different types of expensing behavior and what it could say about the worker's attitude. Based on corporate research and interviews with psychologists, the Journal narrowed these characteristics down to several profiles: 

* People who don't file all their expenses because they find the process frustrating and anxiety-inducing; 

* People who don't file expenses at all due to a sense of loyalty to the business; 

* People who use expense reports to compensate for feeling mistreated in other areas—the types who'd include a pack of gum and a cup of coffee on their filings; 

* People who, as newcomers, just don't know how the reasonable middle between barely expensing anything and expensing too much is possible because they don't understand their employer's expectations; and 

* The shameless grifters who try to get anything and everything past the finance department.