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Wear Your Millennial Status Proudly

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Apr 28, 2015

old youngMillennials have been the subject of a lot of nasty (and largely unfounded) speculation about their personalities, work ethics and desires as they’ve entered the workforce. And though accusations of entitlement, laziness, narcissism and addiction to technology may be unfair, they’re something to be aware of when looking for a job or trying to get promoted, according to NBC News.

In order to combat these negative stereotypes, it’s important to know where they come from. One theory? They may stem from older workers’ insecurities about using new technology, which younger workers are more comfortable with, said Andrew Challenger, a vice president at the global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. What’s more, Gen Xers, in particular, may view millennials as a threat, especially since their younger counterparts will soon make up the majority of the workforce.

Another source NBC tapped, consultant and author Lindsey Pollak, said the laziness stereotype may stem from millennials having “all the information in the world at [their] fingertips.”

To fight misconceptions, she encourages millennials to try to communicate face-to-face when possible, and avoid hiding behind technology. Plus, while there’s nothing wrong with having confidence, Challenger notes that millennials could also stand to “take a grain of modesty into the workplace with them.”