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Understanding Millennials an $80M a Year Industry

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Oct 16, 2017
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It's somewhat of a cliche to say that the biggest lessons are given by those you teach, but the sentiment is starting to attract serious money as older business executives turn to young people for advise on what to make of kids these days, according to the New York Times. Such "generational consulting" is currently an $80 million a year industry, which includes books, conferences and even consultants, all aimed at helping older professionals better understand the youth of today, whether they're their employees, their customers or even, in certain cases, their boss. Alternatively, instead of spending money, many older professionals are seeking the advice of younger staffers within their company, sometimes as part of a formal mentoring program and sometimes as part of just some informal chats. Regardless, as millennials make up larger and larger portions of both the workforce and the market, established players are seeing the value in understanding the things that drive young people instead of simply dismissing them as youthful folly.