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Two Mistakes to Avoid When Following Up

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Aug 19, 2016

Coming togetherIf you’re a networking pro, you know the importance of having a network of professionals you can reach out to, and how beneficial it can be to have a network that’s constantly growing. Of course, adding people to your contacts list isn’t enough – you have to follow up with them, stay in contact so that they remember you exist. If you’re comfortable with doing that, that’s great! But sometimes the way you follow up can backfire on you. The Daily Muse offers a couple mistakes to avoid the next time you send out a friendly “staying in touch” type email:

Sending out emails to multiple people at the same company. It might seem like having multiple “ins” at a company is a good thing, for example, you might think knowing the whole staff could help if you ever want to apply there. But in addition to taking up a lot of your time, when those coworkers find out you’ve sent them all basically the same thing, it’ll make it seem like you don’t trust them fully to respond. It’s okay to have multiple contacts at the same firm, but when you send emails, email just the person you think is most likely to be able to help you.

Contact them twice (or more) in a row without a response in between. Doing this sends the implication to the other person that they’re not responding in your ideal time frame. Sometimes a deadline is looming (unlikely in a networking situation), but if there’s no real good reason for it, you’ll come off as impatient or worse, inconsiderate. Good etiquette is to wait for at least a week before sending out a “Did you get my message?” follow-up. And if they still don’t respond, maybe that contact isn’t what you thought it was.