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Two Biggest Worries for Young Accounting Students: Choosing the Wrong Job, Failing to Adapt

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Aug 30, 2017

A poll of 600 accounting students has found that their primary career worry was choosing the wrong job, thereby missing out on other opportunities (42 percent) and failing to adapt, or making a mistake, on the job (39 percent) according to Accounting Today. Meanwhile, another survey found that finance leaders are, themselves, worried about their new entry-level hires. The survey found that the 10 most common mistakes by entry-level staff include: 

  • * Consistently coming in late
  • * Not showing up for work at all
  • * Not following company policies
  • * Making errors in their work
  • * Not asking for help
  • * Being rude to customers
  • * Not paying attention to detail
  • * Sharing office-related information on social media
  • * Spending too much time on personal devices
  • * Not living up to claimed qualifications