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To Get a Recommendation, Try a Little Flattery

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 11, 2017
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Recommendations from established professionals can make a real difference in job searches, but asking for one can be an awkward exercise. If you're nervous about asking someone to write good things about you, FastCompany recommends trying a little flattery first. There's a reason you're seeking out their recommendation specifically, a reason that you should talk about when asking for their thumbs up. Maybe you recognize that they're one of the foremost technical experts in a field you want to enter; maybe they're extremely well known and respected throughout the industry; or maybe they're a partner at a firm you really want to work at. This isn't so much about buttering the person up, but telling the truth as to why you're seeking out their endorsement. People are much more likely to help you in this area when it's an expression of something they're already proud of. 

Of course, says FastCompany, this won't work if you barely know the person, or don't know them at all. Then it would just seem strange at best, opportunistic at worst.