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Thriving Under Pressure: How to Think Fast

Jason Wong
Published Date:
May 19, 2015

square-SheildIf you find it difficult to think quickly under pressure or when hit with a barrage of questions, don’t sweat it. According to Inc, there are ways to cultivate that skill, even if your M.O. is to slowly work your way through a problem. Here are some of the website’s suggestions:

  • Turn off electronics. Whether it’s shutting off your phone or closing out of your social media tabs, eliminating distractions will help you to improve your focus and concentrate on the task at hand.


  • Ask to have the question repeated. This gives the impression that you just need a minute to think about giving the correct response, rather than not knowing what to say at all. It also keeps an awkward silence at bay.


  • Keep track of project details. It’ll be much easier to field comments or answer questions if you know your material inside and out.