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Three Workplace Traits That May Be Too Much Of a Good Thing

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Feb 9, 2016

Self SabotageThere are obvious ways to lower your chances at career advancement, like constantly badmouthing your coworkers, missing deadlines, or just failing to get your work done in general. However, according to Time, there are some behaviors that might seem positive, but could actually have a sabotaging effect on your career.

Stubbornness. Sticking to your guns might show confidence and integrity, but taken too far it can end up being very costly. Being able to admit your initial impression is wrong and changing your actions to reflect new information is essential to good decision-making.

Working too hard. Or at least, being perceived that way. According to research done by the University College London School of Management, people who display inherent talent are preferred by managers over those who are clearly working as hard as they can. Instead, re-consider putting in those constant 12-hour days, and rather than emphasize how taxing your latest project was, make it seem like you took it all in stride.

Decisiveness. Being decisive is a good leadership trait, but as it turns out, making too many decisions can actually backfire, in a phenomenon called “decision fatigue.” Weird as it is, making hundreds of tiny decisions like, what to wear or what to eat for breakfast every day can work against you. There is an easy fix: when it comes to relatively trivial things like the above decisions – make your decisions routine, i.e. eat cereal for breakfast every day, or wear the same general outfit to work. Hey, it works for Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama; why not you?