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Three Ways to Be More Emotionally Intelligent

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Apr 29, 2016

Happy at WorkDespite the stereotypical portrayal of accountants in popular media as math-obsessed anthropomorphic automatons, a large part of a CPA’s job involves interacting with clients and other people. So while it is important for you to have the technical skills to prepare taxes, perform an audit, or whatever your chosen specialty is, it is also important for you to develop your emotional intelligence to be the best CPA you can be. Here are some tips from Inc on how to do so:

Take a moment to reflect. It’s never a good idea to overthink your relationships with other people, but it can be a good idea to briefly consider the day’s events and how you’ve impacted the people you’ve interacted with, and make adjustments if necessary.

Empathize. When it comes to finances, peoples’ emotions can often get heated. Try to put yourself in the shoes of whoever you’re interacting with. Being able to read other’s emotions is essential to reacting in a way that won’t burn bridges.

Balance your life and work. Easier said than done during busy season (in fact, it might be impossible), but you won’t be able to connect as easily with others if you’re in a constant state of stress from a poorly balanced work and personal life.