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Three Tips to Get the Salary You Deserve

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Apr 12, 2016

MoneyMagnifyEven though it might not feel like it in the moment, when you’re being considered for an open position at a firm, you have a good amount of negotiating power. However, if you don’t know how much leverage you really have, it’s hard to get the salary and benefits that you want and deserve. Here are a few tips from Forbes on how to negotiate like a pro and get the salary you deserve:

Do your research. How much you’re worth is defined by your experience, your skills, and market demand. Luckily for you, there are a number of salary calculators available online that can give you ballpark estimates of what you should ask for – and furthermore, you’ll know if you’re being low-balled so you can ask for more.

Be upfront. Know what number you’re looking for, and if the firm you’re applying to has too low of a salary or benefits limitation, then it’s better to find out before you or they invest a lot of time in the interview process.

Ask smart questions. You should know how your performance will be judged and how your compensation will be affected by that criteria, but you should also be mindful of other perks besides a high salary, like signing bonuses, benefits, vacation time, and flexibility. While a firm might not be able to provide a high salary, they might offer other perks to make up for it, which might ultimately be more impactful to you.