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3 Things That Should Be on Your LinkedIn Profile

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Aug 3, 2016

LinkedIn MobileNetworking isn’t something that is confined to industry conferences or cocktail parties; you can also use resources like LinkedIn to network without leaving your seat. But how do you make the best use of your LinkedIn? There are a number of important things that your LinkedIn should address so that when you do reach out for a job, introduction, reference or something else entirely, your profile doesn’t immediately bias them against you. Here they are, from Forbes:

Focus. Your profile should tell the world what is most important to you. It should not be your current job, but rather something like, “Providing quality audits for…” A person looking at your profile who knows nothing about you should be able to tell very quickly who you are and what you’re passionate about.

Strong points. Your strongest suits should also be very clear on your LinkedIn page – and it shouldn’t just be a deluge of technical skills. Clearly place your most practiced skills in a highly visible place – people want specialists, not generalists, so let them know what you specialize in!

Who you know. Finally, your profile should display what people you could potentially connect others to. However, they should be quality references, like people who have given you recommendations, interacted with any content you’ve posted, etc.