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Three Reasons Not to Accept the Job Offer

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Apr 5, 2016

Danger signIn today’s job market, it can seem like a luxury to be picky about the job offers you accept, but sometimes it’s better to wait it out a little longer rather than accept the first job offer you’re given. Here are some red flags to look out for from The Daily Muse that should give you pause.

Uncertain answers. If you ask what your typical day will be like at the firm, and you get a blank stare – or worse, a deluge of random duties – consider rethinking whether you want the position. Lack of certainty could mean the job could easily morph into something you dislike or are unprepared for, or indicate that the team you’ll be working with is goal-less.

Disorganized or rude interviewer. Like a good job candidate, you get there early, but your interviewer/potential boss doesn’t see you until a half hour later, and once he does, it’s obvious he hasn’t even glanced at your resume. Be careful; such behavior probably foreshadows similar disrespect if you take the offer.

Potential coworkers seem stressed. Maybe the initial interview went well, but after you’ve spoken to some of the people you’d be working with, you find that they’re coming off stressed. If they don’t have anything positive to say about the job (and not just perks!), it might be best to pass.