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Three Questions Not to Ask at an Interview

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Jul 26, 2016

Interview in ProgressWhen you go in for an interview, you want to come off as a great many things – competent, eager, and a good social fit, to name a few – and there are a number of ways to do so. Asking good questions can help you seem both competent and eager, but there are definitely questions that you should avoid asking during the interview process. Here are a few questions to avoid during the interview, according to Time:

What can you tell me about the company? This is probably the worst question you could ask. Asking this question tells your interviewer that you haven’t done your research. You absolutely should ask about the company, but your questions should be specific about its goals for the future, or about specifics of the position itself.

What compensation (salary, vacation time, etc.) do you offer? Asking about compensation is something that you should do before accepting an offer, not before one has even been made. Doing so before then can make you come off as cocky and overconfident, and part of the interview is to see whether you’ll be a good social fit for the office. Most people don’t appreciate being around people they perceive as arrogant.

When will I be promoted? Like asking about salary, asking about promotions can appear arrogant. Additionally, most firms don’t guarantee promotions based on time spent.