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Three Communication Mistakes to Avoid

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Jun 1, 2016

As a CPA, you’ll likely spend a lot of time working with numbers, whether they’re tax-related, audit-related, or something entirely different. However, a not insignificant part of your job will also involve dealing with clients, not to mention your daily interactions with coworkers. It’s in your best interest to make sure your communication skills are top-notch, so here are some common communication mistakes from Inc to identify and address:

Interrupting. If you’re someone who has a bad habit of jumping in and interrupting others, that’s something you want to remove from your communication habits. It doesn’t come off as you being engaged in the conversation – you’ll probably come off as rude at a minimum. Similarly

Not really listening. Are you glancing at your phone or reading your email while conversing with someone? Not only is that rude (whether the conversation is over the phone or not), but multitasking could lead to a serious miscommunication. Similarly, if during the conversation you’re just waiting for the other person to finish so you can chime in – people can tell.

Rambling. Beating around the bush for 10 minutes before you get to the point is not something that people are interested in experiencing. Don’t jump in without something to say. And on a related note, using filler words constantly like “um” and “uh” can make you seem nervous or inept. Do your best to avoid them!