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This Thanksgiving Dinner Costs $75,000

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 15, 2017

The average Thanksgiving dinner costs about $50. The Thanksgiving dinner at the Old Farmstead Steakhouse in New York City? $76,000, according to CNBC, which also points out that this is $15,000 higher than the national median income. So, what's in it? What possibly justifies a price tag equivalent to a luxury car or one year's tuition at a top-tier university? 

* king oysters with Opus One wine migonette sauce ($100 each) 
* smoked bacon from imported Japanese black boar ($225 per pound) topped with a marmalade glaze made from a combination of $75 Dekopon oranges and an $1,800 bottle of reserve cognac. 
* $475 per pound Japanese Wagyu beef lollypops with a peppercorn dipping sauce made from $4,800 Louis XIII cognac. 
* An organic $105 per pound turkey based in $17 per ounce olive oil. 
* Whipped sweet potatoes topped with $1,600 per ounce black caviar. 
* Mashed potatoes with $455 per pound imported Swedish moose cheese. 
* Stuffing made with $54 per pound foie gras and a $46 load of sourdough bread imported from the UK. 
* Cranberry sauce made from organic cranberries and $1,750 French Carbernet Sauvingnon reduction, with a dash of $1,800 orange liquor. 
* Strawberries with a sabayon cream sauce made with 1968 Cristal champagne. 

Price tag not adding up? Well the meal also includes a number of other non-food extras that actually make up the bulk of the cost: 

* Four tickets to hit Broadway musical Hamilton
* Limo service 
* A two-night luxury suite at the Mandarin Oriental 
* A $7,500 shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue 
* A Swiss watch, which is the most expensive item at $20,000