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Things Hiring Managers Hate Hearing From Job Candidates

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Aug 31, 2017

While there are many reasons for a job interview to not turn out for the best, Glassdoor outlines 13 phrases that, if uttered, tend to make hiring managers tense up, roll their eyes and otherwise rub them the wrong way. The article itself goes into things in a little more detail, but in general, it advises that you avoid the following sentences during the course of an interview: 

* "I really want this job." (it sounds needy) 

* "Does this position include benefits?" (you appear to want the job for the wrong reasons) 

* "Um..." (you sound like you don't know what to say) 

* "Like.../I think.../you know..." (you don't sound confident) 

* "As I already said" (implies the interviewer wasn't listening) 

* "hard-working/fast learner/self-motivated/etc." (they're cliches that don't mean anything) 

* "What are my chances of getting hired?" (far too desperate-sounding) 

* "Fired/hate/terrible/etc." (negative language is generally a bad move)

* "My manager and I didn't get along" (makes you sound ungrateful, entitled and hard to work with)

* "I'm a perfectionist." (it sounds inauthentic) 

* "Just/Actually/I'm no expert but..." (it undermines your point) 

* "I don't really have any questions about the company" (indicates you're not very interested) 

* "When can I start?" (it sounds arrogant and presumptuous)