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The Benefits of Talking About Fees with your Clients

Jason Wong
Published Date:
Feb 12, 2016

Money in fistEven among older, more experienced CPAs, it can be difficult to discuss fees with clients. But it’s an important skill to learn, and while there will likely always be a couple of difficult clients (at least, unless you’re comfortable with parting ways with them as a rule), doing so can have a surprising number of benefits, according to Accounting Today.

Improved client relationships. Contrary to what you might expect, talking about fees with your clients early and often can improve your relationships with them. Getting surprised by a substantial bill can lead to an angry client, but telling them in advance dodges that nasty bullet. Moreover, if you save your client money with the extra work which they agreed to, you’ll set yourself up to be a hero.

Reduced stress. Good relationships with your clients reduce stress for not only you, but also the client. Setting expectations early for payment will take pressure off both of you, and allow you to split your bills into smaller, more palatable bites.