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"Tell Me About Yourself" Not So Simple to Answer in Job Interviews

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 6, 2017

While it may seem like one of the most banal questions someone could encounter during a job interview, the answer to "tell me about yourself" can make or break a candidate's chances, according to CNBC. What employers are really looking for in asking this question is to know how your life story relates to the job you're looking for. CNBC gives the example of, if your job is in sales, to talk about things like running lemonade stands as a kid, sold things in college, or pitched products at your last job. Beyond this, they also want to feel out your authenticity and maturity, as well as see how well you'll fit in culturally with the rest of the office. Like many parts of the job interview, it's best to prepare beforehand, and that includes thinking about how events in your life relate to the position you're applying for.