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Survey of 18-23 Year Olds Finds 55 Percent Either Consider or Already Pursuing Accounting Career

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Oct 5, 2018

Accounting firms will soon be flooded with applications from fresh-faced young people eager for a job in the industry, if a recent survey of about three thousand 18-23 year olds is any indication, as 55 percent are either considering a career in accounting or are already pursuing one, according to Accounting Today. The International Federation of Accountants, which ran the poll, said that the results indicate that, contrary to the older millennials, that this generation values stability and financial security in their jobs, versus purpose and meaning. It found that 80 percent cited "stable career path" as a reason they were either considering or pursuing an accounting career, followed by 76 percent citing "salary and benefits." They are also optimistic about the future of the profession, with 37 percent saying accounting jobs will become more interesting and 38 percent saying there will be more jobs in the profession.