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Survey Finds 33 Percent of Workers Would Rather Quit Than Wear Business Attire Every Day

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Aug 27, 2019
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A recent survey has found that workers are so resistant to wearing business attire every day that one-third would rather quit than do so, according to CNBC. The poll, conducted by human resources firm Randstad North America, had a nationally representative sample of 1,204 employed people between the ages of 18 and 65+. Beyond finding that 33 percent of people would quit their jobs if they had to wear business attire every day, it also found that 33 percent would forgo a $5,000 pay raise in exchange for a casual dress code. 

This does not mean, however, that all standards should go out the window. There's casual, which many workers want, and there's too casual. Most workers, 73 percent, said that ripped jeans were not appropriate even in a casual work seeing, and 56 percent said the same of leggings. On the subject of shoes, 50 percent said heels over three inches were not professional, while 40 percent would prefer that employees avoid open-toed shoes of any kind. The survey also found that 28 percent say someone else’s clothing at work has made them feel uncomfortable because it was too revealing. It also found that 38 percent percent of 25- to 35-year-olds admit they’ve been asked to dress more professionally by their manager or HR (perhaps prompted by the 28 percent who were uncomfortable?) 

"The nature of work—where, when and how it gets done—has changed dramatically over the past several years, and many of those changes (open offices, remote work) have ultimately contributed to a less formal workplace," said Traci Fiatte, CEO, non-technical staffing, Randstad US. “It’s great to empower your employees to dress for their day, as well as show their personality, but it is equally important for employers to set some clear guidelines to ensure that everyone feels comfortable.”