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Survey: Everyone Is Too Loud on Their Phones!

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
May 14, 2019

Offices are full of distractions that break our concentration and interrupt our flow at work, but a recent survey found that the biggest distraction is people talking too loudly on their phones, according to Quartz. Office-equipment maker Poly commissioned the 5,150-person survey, which included those who work at least three days in a corporate office environment. Among those surveyed, 76 percent said a co-worker talking loudly on the phone created a moderate, high or very high level of distraction for them while at work, which makes it the most common distraction. Following this was co-workers talking loudly nearby, followed by phone rings or alerts, indicating that office workers generally dislike phones, co-workers talking and, most of all, co-workers talking on their phones. Number four was office celebrations, such as for birthdays, and number five was group meetings.