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Survey: 77 Percent of Americans Stressed Over Finances

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jan 28, 2020

A recent survey has found that Americans are generally worried about money, with many feeling they can't effectively control their financial challenges, according to CNBC. The survey, produced by Capital One, found that 77 percent of Americans are anxious about their financial situation, 58 percent feel their finances control their lives rather than the other way around, and 52 percent have difficulty controlling money-related worries. While retirement, at 68 percent, is the chief money-related worry, rising cost of living, at 56 percent, and debt, at 45 percent, are other major concerns. 

Other research has shown that our day-to-day happiness generally tends to scale with our incomes until we hit a wall around the $75,000 mark. The study noted that, up to this point, it's not so much that the money makes us happy by itself but, rather, it better staves off the things that make us unhappy. People below this $75,000 mark feel more ground down by the problems they already have while those with incomes at or above it can avoid everyday stresses. 

If we look at U.S. income distribution in 2018, we find that 57.1 percent of households make less than $75,000 a year. While the 1,011-person survey is said to be nationally representative, it is unknown the degree to which income was taken into account when selecting a sample, although given that respondents were found through Amazon's Mechanical Turk service, which tends to pay poorly, it is likely that it drew a higher proportion of people making under $75,000.