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Study Says Gendered Wage Gap Exists Even Among Kids

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jul 9, 2018
Pay Gap

A recent study says that not only do men make more money than women, but boys make more money than girls too, as boys aged 5 to 7 years make 50 percent more in weekly allowance than girls the same age, according to MarketWatch. The findings come from combing through the data of 10,000 users of BusyKid, a mobile app and web platform that allows kids to earn and track their allowance. On average, boys on the app make about $13.80 per week, while girls make an average of $6.71. 

Some of it could be due to the types of jobs that boys do versus girls, as they are more likely to be doing things like mowing lawns, washing cars and trimming bushes, which could earn them more money. Another factor, though, is that the app shows boys also more frequently get paid for basic hygiene, like brushing their teeth or bathing, while girls more often do these tasks on their own with no need for a financial incentive. Regardless, though, the study found that both girls and boys save about the same amount of money per month, and that girls are slightly more likely to donate their money than boys.