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Study: More Attractive People Less Likely to Get Lower Prestigious Jobs

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 1, 2017

While there is a wealth of literature out there about how being attractive affords numerous advantages, both economic and social, a new study has revealed one area where it is actually a liability: applying for a low-prestige job, according to Quartz. The study, conducted by researchers at the London School of Business, had 750 participants, a sample that included both university students and human resources managers. They were shown two photos, one with features typically seen as attractive and another with features typically seen as unattractive. They were then asked which ones they were more likely to hire for different jobs, some coded as more desirable (manager, project director, IT internship) and others less desirable (warehouse worker, housekeeper, customer service representative). Study participants had nothing else to go on but their pictures, which were made to be generally as uniform as possible (e.g. everyone wore the same thing, pictures were taken against the same background, everyone was of the same race, etc.) 

In general what they found was that people were more likely to hire the attractive candidate for the more desirable job, but were less likely to hire them for the less desirable job. The researchers believe that this is because the subjects themselves believed that the attractive person would be less happy in the less desirable job.