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Study: Income Growth Peaks at 49 for Men, 40 for Women

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Aug 18, 2017

A study conducted by compensation research firm PayScale has found that, in general, pay growth for men peaks around 49 years old, while pay growth for women peaks at 40, according to CNBC. The study said that male college graduates tend to earn more than women at the start, with a median annual salary difference of $10,400. After this, though, women's income growth tends to be faster than men's, until they hit 33 years old. At this point, said CNBC, women's income growth starts slowing down while men's remains consistent, until finally they hit a peak at 40 years old of about $67,000. Men, however, continue to see income growth until about 49, at which point they earn a median of $102,000. CNBC noted that this age range is slightly more than it was the last time this study was conducted, which previously found women's income growth peaked at 39 and men's at 50.