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Study: Emails Contribute to Climate Change

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 20, 2020
A recent study posits that sending too many emails indirectly contributes to climate change, and urged people to avoid superfluous messages. The study, conducted by UK-based energy retail company OVO Energy, based its conclusions on the logic that every email sent takes a small amount of energy on the part of both the sender and receiver. While the amount of energy used is extremely small, given the number of emails that are sent in a day, OVO Energy says it adds up (think how one raindrop is tiny, but millions of raindrops is a flood). The research, which focused just on th UK, said Britons send 64 million unnecessary emails on a daily basis, and if people send just one less per day, it would save 16,433 tons of carbon a year, equal to 81,152 flights ro Madrid or taking 3,334 diesel cars off the road. The company urged people to "think before you thank," pointing specifically to emails sent only to say thank you.