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Study: 23 Percent of Millennials So Stressed It's Affecting Their Health

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Aug 28, 2017

A recent study has found that a good chunk of Millennials are really, really stressed out about money to the point where it's affecting their physical health and even career goals, according to CNN Money. The study, conducted by Northwestern Mutual, found that 23 percent of Millennials said financial stress makes them physically ill at least once a week or month, compared with 12 percent of people as a whole. In addition, 28 percent said that financial stress is impacting their job performance on a regular basis, roughly twice as much as the general population. In particular, they are stressed out about, mainly, potential job losses, lack of savings, and lack of income. CNN Money noted that this demographic has more student debt, earns less than older people, and is more likely to be let go in a layoff than someone with more experience.