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Study: 12 Percent of Midsize Finance Companies Still Use Expense Reports Filled out by Hand

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 7, 2018

While discourse today is dominated by talk of web-based digital solutions to everyday business needs, a recent survey has found that at about 12 percent of midsize finance firms, employees still fill out expense reports with pen and paper, according to CFO.com. The 546-person survey, conducted by expense management vendor Certify, also found that 18 percent of large companies and 34 percent of midsize companies use spreadsheets to manage employee expenses. This is in contrast to web-based systems that store reports and receipts in user accounts, which today are used by the majority of companies. 

So while it seems that ones and zeroes have now replaced paper and pen in most cases, there remain several holdouts that favor handwriting. It calls to mind another case where paper is down but not quite out: cash. While now the minority in the galaxy of payment options available, paper money still facilitates a significant portion of transactions, at least for the time being.