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So You've Got a Boss That Dislikes You...

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 4, 2019

So it seems you've become a workplace sitcom trope: Even if you like your job, your boss just plain doesn't like you. What do you do? CNN Business has a few suggestions. The article itself goes into more detail, but in short: 

* Don't complain, especially not to other co-workers, as the rumor mill might bring those comments back to your boss; 

* Pay attention to what your boss does and doesn't like, and study his or her particular work style; 

* Look for authentic points of commonality between you and your boss, something even as simple as sports teams or your commute; 

* Help your boss clear some items on his or her own to-do list; 

* Ask people who already have a good relationship with the boss what you should do; 

* Don't force it. 

CNN Business notes that, given that this person has the power to determine your pay or even fire you, it's generally a good idea to have, if not a cordial relationship with your employer, at least a civil one.