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Selecting the Right Font for Your Resume

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 5, 2017

Resumes take a lot of thought and a lot of choices. One of them is what font to actually use. While there are literally thousands of fonts you could use, CNBC talks about the ones you absolutely should not. They include: 

* Times New Roman (it's too standard, won't help you stand out) 
* Futura (it's not practical for text-heavy documents) 
* Lucinda Console (the mono-spacing makes the resume look too boxy) 
* Mistral, Brush Script, or any other script font (inappropriate for professional settings) 
* Impact (tougher to read) 
* Papyrus (too much personality) 

What font should you use? CNBC has another article on this topic, saying the best fonts for resumes are: 

* Georgia (like Times New Roman, but with a more modern feel) 
* Gill Sans and Gill Sans Light (looks clean and modern) 
* Calibri (a classic) 
* Constantia (inspires a sense of confidence) 
* Merriweather (extremely readable)