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Poll: People Would Prefer Talking About Anything But Income

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Aug 9, 2018

While humans are a generally gregarious bunch, there are certain topics that they'd prefer not discussing. A recent poll has found that, even among other sensitive subjects, the last thing people want to talk about is how much they make, according to CNBC. The 3,000-adult poll, conducted by Lexington Law, asked about what topics people would feel comfortable discussing at a dinner party, and then presenting them with some uncomfortable topics. At merely 11 percent, personal income levels was dead last, beaten out by credit scores (20 percent), medical conditions (37 percent), religion (37 percent) romantic relations (40 percent) and politics (43 percent). However, when broken down by age, people 65 and older were generally even less comfortable asking friends about their income—9 percent—than millennials—25 percent.