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Poll: Most Millennials Would Quit Job if It Clashes With Values

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jul 19, 2021

A recent poll has found that younger workers are increasingly demanding that their employers work to address wider social issues, and are willing to quit if their boss disagrees, according to Fast Company.

The survey, conducted in cooperation with PwC, surveyed 2,321 people in the United States. It found that 61 percent of respondents said a company taking active efforts on social issues, such as climate change and racial justice, made it more attractive as a potential employer, and that 92 percent of those who are already satisfied with the level of action being taken on these matters are also satisfied with their employers in general. Of those aged between 25 and 42, generally referred to as millennials, 60 percent said that if their employer had a different view on the necessity of social action, they would quit.

Millennials reported these reviews is in spite of 51 percent of them saying they're worried about job security, which indicates that having a job with the right values is more important than having a job at all.

The complete survey results can be found here.