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Poll Finds 11 Percent of Parents Would Contact Child's Employer Over Problems at Work

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Mar 20, 2019

A recent survey of parents of employees aged 18-28 found that, if their child was having a problem at work 11 percent would call their employer to discuss it, according to Quartz. The 1,500-person survey, commissioned by the New York Times, concentrated mostly on what parents do for their children in terms of school and college admissions, but also found that 14 percent of parents had pulled strings with their own professional network to land their child a job too. Meanwhile, 16 percent said they'd written their child's job or internship application for them. Quartz said that writing an application for one's children constitutes fraud and also deprives the children of the opportunity to learn job skills for themselves. Furthermore, such practices are not sustainable in the long run because people are mortal and eventually leave this world, and then what will their children do? 

Further, another survey from 2016 found that most employers don't like it when parents become involved in the hiring process for their child: 35 percent said it was completely unacceptable (one reported a mother asking whether she could do the interview for her child), 34 percent said it was a bad idea but they'd let it slide, and 29 percent said they didn't have a problem with it.