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Poll: Average Lunch Break 31 Minutes, 12 Percent Take No Break at All

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Feb 8, 2019

A recent survey has found that the average lunch break, at least in the United Kingdom, is about 31 minutes long, although 12 percent of workers don't take lunch breaks at all, according to Quartz. The 2,000-adult survey also found that while more than a third of people (36.1 percent) do indeed use their lunch time to get away from the office for a while, many more stay put at their offices. The next most popular lunchtime activity, at 28.4 percent, was browsing websites, followed by having lunch with colleagues, at 26.9 percent. followed by eating at one's desk and catching up on work emails, at 23.4 percent, and social media, 19.7 percent. 

American workers seem even more attached to their desks during lunch, if a survey from last year is to be believed: Aside from eating, the most popular lunch break activities were found to be surfing the web/social media, 52 percent; catching up on personal calls and emails, 51 percent; socializing with coworkers, 47 percent; and running errands, 32 percent.